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Our recruiters have access to opportunities from companies that do not advertise their job openings in classified ads or job boards. We help you meet your job goals by matching your skills to the best finance and accounting jobs in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. All that we ask for in return is an open line of communication, honesty, reliability and 100% effort!

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Browse through our frequently asked questions from job seekers.

Accounting & Finance Professionals (AFP) is a local business that has been matching our candidates to our clients since 1999. During that time, we have developed relationships with many organizations that depend on AFP for their specialty recruiting, and forego using the job boards. We have access to positions and companies that do not advertise their openings. We open the door for you that would otherwise not be open.

You can expect that your recruiter at AFP will set reasonable and prudent expectations, and will follow up with you based on a plan that you two will discuss. We will also check your professional references. We will never send your resume out blindly, rather we will proactively market your background to positions that we have open and discussed with you, and we will also target market your professional profile to companies that fit within your career goals.

Be happy, of course! We will prepare you for as many of the details as possible: location and directions, time of arrive on first day as well as work schedule, office attire, supervisors contact information, expected length of assignment, as well as the job functions.

While on assignment, you will be employed by Accounting & Finance Professionals. That means you are responsible to keep us informed on any changes in job functions if you are going to be late, if you are going to take time off from work, a great project you completed, a compliment, anything that goes on at work! This will help us have the most intelligent possible conversation about you with our clients.

The best way to be successful on a temporary or temporary to hire assignment is to treat each day as if it is your first, and to never let your guard down! If you act as if this is your next job, your supervisor will remember your positive attitude and demeanor, and that will be reflected in your reference and possible full time employment. Take notes when you ask questions and refer to your notes when the same question comes up again. Be present and available, and be the ‘no job is too big, no job is too small’ employee that everyone is looking for!

You can download a time sheet from our FORMS page. Please complete the time sheet each week on Friday and have your supervisor approve the time sheet with a signature. Your pay will be available the following Friday. We highly recommend you opt for direct deposit, as we are thinking green, and offer electronic copies of your pay stub!

Congratulations! Our business is helping people find short and long term solutions to unemployment. Please, make sure you do the right thing by Accounting & Finance Professionals and our client and give as much notice as possible. You want to make sure you can help complete a project, or cross train a replacement as much as professionally possible.

Great news! You made an impact that they can’t do without! Give us a call right away, and lets talk about the transition to full-time employment!

We should be able to provide a good idea as to how long the assignment is expected to last when we offer the position to you. This is based on the information provided by our client. Often we have a project that turns into another and another and another…. Sometimes projects turn into a full time job!

Temporary – a definitive beginning and end to an assignment at one of our clients. The duration varies based on need.
Temporary to hire – a definitive beginning with the possibility, should our client find you the right fit and you find the client and job the right fit, for you to become hired on as a full time employee. The duration varies according to need. Again, we will try our best to set the expectation up front with you.
Direct Hire – our client has met you, they think you are perfect for their company, and want to make you an immediate offer to become a full time employee!

Accounting & Finance Professionals will never charge you for finding you employment. All that we ask for in return is an open line of communication, honesty, reliability and 100% effort!


We welcome your questions. Please contact our office or Submit your questions online.